July 23, 2021



  1. A matter of concern. Why every time only former disciple come out some with new . Asaram Bapu has laks of presenr followers and hundred and thousand of young women and man disciples are still working inn his Ashrams and engaged in various Service initiatives. None of these followers have come out with any revelation or confirmed the revelations as brought out by a few disgruntled ex-followers who were either expelled from Ashram or left the Ashram due to non-fulfillment of their ulterior motives. This points to a direction in which any rational person is bound to think that these disgruntled followers have been purchased by conspirators to come out with fake stories to defame Bapu and his institution to the maximum possible. But conspirators are mistaken. True followers are wise enough to distinguish between genuine and fake charges

    • Yes.. 100 % true… its time to think why only those disciples who has been thrown out come against asaram bapu ? If the case against asaram bapu is true then why not even a single person staying in his ashram came against him and why only at this point all are coming at once… This clearly shows that there is something wrong and some kind of conspiracy is there.

  2. This r all paid people.. all these r the people who was asked to leave ashram due to their misconduct and such people are now coming in front to take revenge against Bapu by making new stories .. I am also visiting ashram since last 7 + years and their is no such activity happens there..HT should also take interview from people like us to know the truth and to show the truth.. If such things happen then why this foolish guy woke up now ?? :)

  3. This is again a new story… :) .. Anyone can make such story and come in front of Media.. Media take the benefit of TRP :).. These r the guys who used to live in ashram but was thrown out due to their misbehaviour.. There is no better way for these people to take revenge .. hahaha… I didnt expect HT to show such comments from such people..One more big question is Why all these guys are waking up now ???

  4. I think this is all framed before the elections, since Asaram Bapu has many followers, looks like somebody planted the girl and she was sent alone on purpose so that they cac manipulate. Last time Shankarcharya was charged with fake murder charges, he was released later. But it affects people. This is an easy game politicians play sexual charges against a very popular man. Sorry to see the corruption, rapes in India each day, they don’t do anything …Hope sense prevails among people and believe what they know as the total truth. and politicians should be punished for their conduct.

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