July 28, 2017




  1. A Frog in Well ?

    In Sanskrit , it is called , ” Koop Mandook ”

    A frog which cannot see the Sun rise ( – in Sanskrit , Arvind stands for Sun )

    There is no other explanation for Nitin Gadkari to allege that a leading industrialist brokered a deal between AAP and Congress

    There is no other explanation for Dr Harshvardhan to say ,

    ” AAP will fail to deliver on its promises ”

    The leader of the opposition in Delhi Assembly ( who , in his post-swearing in speech , Arvind described as a ” good man ” ) , could not have dreamed that Arvind will motivate 50,000 Delhi-ites to chant ,

    ” I will neither offer bribe , nor take bribe ”

    The good Doctor could not have realized that , after this slogan , Arvind need not worry about fulfilling AAP’s poll promises

    With this slogan , people of Delhi will themselves fulfill their own dreams !

    Even as experts ( – and some eminent non-experts ) , were debating till late in the night , how AAP will fail ,

    > Red beacons disappeared from official cars ( Magic Wand ? )

    > Powerful bureaucrats were , unceremoniously shunted out

    Do the feudal lords of Congress / BJP realize that , if AAP manages to cleanse the Delhi Administration of corruption , then people don’t care if AAP fails to deliver on all of its other poll promises ?

    Most dangerous / unnerving thought !

    Most calamitous prophesy !

    Most certain obliteration !

    Nitinji ,

    Remember that 26 year old dalit girl Rakhi Birla defeating a veteran Congress Minister in Delhi ?

    You would do well not to contest your 2014 Lok Sabha seat against Anjani Damania from Gadh Chiroli or Mumbai’s Worli !

    People without homes , electricity , water , schools , toilets , hospitals etc , have sounded the death-knell of the corrupts !

    Can you hear it ?

    A new Sun has risen

    The sooner you come out of your Mandook and see it , the better !

    Sonia / Rahul have seen it

    That is why they want Adarsh Scam Report ” re-considered ” !

    * hemen parekh ( 29 Dec 2013 / Mumbai )

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