July 27, 2017




  1. Good piece Rajiv, thanks.

    However, I am beginning to wonder : Why do we keep saying : Terrorists have no religion? I am sure they do have and there is usually only one religion that promotes it; although a vast majority may not eventually become terrorists in that cult.
    It is time that our country and Government woke up to this reality.

    Or else, let us take it as part of our lives and continue to suffer. That is also another option!!

  2. Ranjan, You are very right. Terrorists do have a religion and they perpetrate atrocities in the name and service of that religion. Just as I have been expressing my thoughts time & again and as is expressed without inhibition by Tavleen Singh in her article in Indian Express on Sunday, we are victims of Jehadi Islamic Terrorism. Feigning as if nothing like that exists, we are exposing our citizens and society to repeated acts of cruel carnage. It is time the pseudo secularist political establishment, more worried about its vote bank, recognizes the peril and identifying the enemy within and acts with urgency it deserves. In so far as mentioned by Rajiv Punj, without being cynical, I believe that it is addressed to and read by common people and not by the terrorists and their behind the scene handlers. What purpose do they then serve?

  3. Thanks a lot Rajiv and Amit..

    In-fact, I happened to read the article by Tavleen Singh, AFTER I had sent my rejoinder to Rajiv.. Now I know there are others too, who think like me!

    Coming to the question raised by me .. I have nothing against Islam as such and I do think it is a religion with some excellent basis. What I am concerned about is Jihadi terrorism sponsored in the name of Islam – a concept so outdated but kept alive by some people with vested interests. I do not care what they do with their ideals so long as it does not disturb our country which is HINDUSTAN. They are welcome to stay here but on our terms. Period. Any monkey business has to be set right with an iron hand and that is what people like Modi will do.

    Look at Gujarat. A Gujarati friend told me: “Mr Upili everybody talks of post Godhra riots… but nobody spares a thought for the 60-odd Hindu pilgrims burnt alive before that.” He further went on to say, that post this for the last ten years there is not a single riot in Ahmedabad whereas prior to this each year at least 200 to 300 people used to die every Ganesh Chathurti or some Hindu festivals when riot used to break out annually. In fact, it was a given that some 200-odd Muslims will die during this time, each year!!

    Has Modi not ENSURED a lasting peace? Has he not saved 2000 innocent Muslim lives during this decade?

    Even Muslims – the saner ones seem to endorse him as is evident from the Municipal elections wherein BJP has won hands down although the majority voters were Muslims.

    At the end of the day, what people want is peaceful existence and not some stupid rhetoric like secularism that seems to only encourage Jehadi terrorism.

    I know my views are strong and may not be liked by me many.., but then that is how I feel

  4. Dear Mr. Ranjan


    In the broader picture I do believe that evil has no religion or faith………..Devil is a Devil in & out who thinks, breathes only evil hence I tend to believe that it is only a phenomenon with a group of people who have negative thoughts and want to create instability and get sadistic pleasures.

    I appreciate where you are coming from, by the course of events and the Pakistan sponsored activities forcing every one to infer and conclude that it is only one religion which is promoting it…..but all said and done we need to understand that the victims are not from only one religion….in-fact these Hyderabad blasts sites clearly depict that it was not targeted on any specific religion…. These guys are only interested in creating unrest, fear and promote negativity in the communities against the establishment where they win in instigating the sentiments of the community at large which starts showing resentment and agitation against the state. If you observe the locals in Hyderabad united together cohesively to help the victims without even bothering about who belonged to which religion. They just wanted to help them and see how soon they get the treatment. These humble acts of the community forces me to believe that as Humans we do not want all this unrest, all we want is to live in peace but there are some misled people who for their vested interests keep striking at soft targets… though I agree and am a firm believer that they are being sponsored / funded / trained by the Pakistan based establishment forcing all to conclude that it is only one religion who is doing it…..

    These disgruntled bunch of idiots can be of any community and need to be condemned by one and all without any prejudice to caste religion or creed… They are insane people and need to be brought to task and this action is what is required to taken by the state who is responsible to look after the well being of the society.

  5. There are many among us who intensely feel likewise but hesitate to say in as many words for it is not considered as an appropriate behavior in our pseudo intellectual pseudo secularist society. Even granting our leadership’s persuasion of the Muslim minority to stay back in a secular India of their dreams,, one can’t accept what our leaders subsequently did in half measures and thereby failed to create a real and proper secular state. We don’t have a common civil code, we do not enforce population control, we indulge in minority appeasement, our education system permits religious institutions, we bend backwards in cajoling Pakistan in a relationship sans self respect. What more does a belligerent minority need to spit at us in our face. No one takes us seriously in the comity of nations and we are dismissed as a rudderless soft state governed by dim wits. One can go on and on but then to what purpose. Frustrating indeed.

  6. Now, I would like to comment too.

    I still miss in everyone’s commentary the fact that India, and INDIANS for that matter, see themselves in isolation, or so it appears.
    I think I know that Rajiv will say: I don’t care what others (outside India) are doing. “I am only concerned with my country”. I cannot help but think that this stance doesn’t only feel wrong, it is wrong, in my opinion.

    I am saying this again at this time because: “Some may say this is theory which it is but in the end there has to be one India. and it will never be by constantly showing rage, however justified at the moment” ………. is precisely what we are being told over here in Europe !

    This is politicians’ talk, who have their own agenda, doesn’t matter whereabouts in the world we are talking about.

    A parallel society exists in every member country of the European Union. Whether politicians admit this or not. It is a fact. Social structures are being dismantled, fear is everywhere, everyday life has become a misery; I dare say even for those who immigrated to our (in their eyes) wonderful shores.

    In my opinion, ALL IN THE NAME OF RELIGION, BELIEFS OR CUSTOMS, some of which go back centuries.

    Socialism mis-ued, mis-applied and totally mis-placed has a lot to do with that collective misery.

    “Our problem is not Islamic terrorism, this can be effectively tackled by efficient law and order machinery”. You see, Rajiv, we do have a very efficient law and order machinery. Makes no difference, no difference whatsoever. We also have open debate forums. We are bending backwards ‘over here’ to be hospitable and in every sense of the word accommodating. Makes no difference.

  7. I have just read this piece and Amit’s comments on it. I always read Tavleen Singh. I agree with Ranjan and with Amit. I particularly like your comments on Islam because I believe Islam has to be distinguished from ‘Islamic terrorism’ however difficult it may be.

    Islamic terrorism is troubling Muslims as much as it is troubling Hindus.

    Just look at Pakistan. M.J. Akber in an article in Times of India–said more Muslims have been killed by Muslims in Pakistan than anywhere in the world. Same is true of Iraq and in many other places.

    I believe suicide bombing and other acts of terrorism can be controlled by better intelligence and more intelligent and efficient policing. It should be treated as a law and order problem and not a religion or political one.

    To make it abundantly clear this or any other terrorism is done by ‘Indians’ and that is how we should talk about it and treat it and not by Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs or any other religion.

    You have referred to Modi. Have you ever heard Modi talking about Muslims? In his famous interview with Rajdeep Sardesai he said I talk about Guajarati’s, are they not Guajarati’s? Modi has found a key to the problem which is never discussed and for which he is never given credit. In fact the secularists blame him for not apologizing to Muslims or even referring to them i.e. for what he has done right.

    Our problem is not Islamic terrorism; this can be effectively tackled by efficient law and order machinery.

    Our problem is that in a community which forms 15% (some say 13 and some say 18%) there is no modern education, no social reformers (like Ram Mohan Roy, Mahatma Phule and others among Hindus) and those who get out of the clutches of their antediluvian Imams and Mullahs become heroes of Hindu secularists and distance themselves from their own community–reference Javed Akhtar.

    A robust open debate on reform of practice of Islam which will reach Muslim masses does not take place. There is no platform for it. How will there be when the dominant political practice is vote bank politics, and appeasing Muslims which effectively means appeasing orthodoxy and fundamentalism.

    Some may say this is theory which it is but in the end there has to be one India. and it will never be by constantly showing rage, however justified at the moment.

  8. Pradeep, What you say makes a lot of sense to me.

    The problem is neither going away by so wishing nor by ignoring. India was partitioned by followers of Islam to give themselves a homeland as they could not live with the Hindus. Having achieved that objective over flesh and blood of millions and history’s largest ever transfer population why must we then still have to face this misery? That more people become victims in Pakistan every passing year can offer no consolation to Indians. It is a juice of their own creation let them stew in it. If they can’t get over their medieval mediocrities it is their funeral. If they can’t find peace and harmony in a tolerant and soft state like India where else will they find it? As soon as the critical mass of the community in Europe approaches closer to what we have, you will see their belligerence growing by the day. But you are not as soft and infinitely tolerant as we are and unlikely that you will take it lying down. What is then in store? Wonder whether Nostradamus and Samuel P. Huntington would after all be proven right

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