July 23, 2021



  1. Excellent suggestions given on emigrating. This is a reality check and very true in many cases, No bed of roses anywhere in the world. It is a compromise.

  2. Very thoughtful and sensible advice. Families, friendships, tribes are being re-defined everywhere. Those who have never experienced the shock of being isolated in a city, or in the world at large, would be horrified by the ‘coldness’ of Canada, and not just of white folks either. So beware!

  3. Can you get to see Bruce Springsteen in India? Paul McCartney, the Stones,The Who etc…? Yeah some bands are making it to India nowadays but events are so badly organized. So heck, if that is what you are into, Canada is good. You can also put on the radio and get Q107- classic rock 24 hours a day. You can get to see Paris London New York instead of just seeing it in dumb Bollywood flicks. Also Bangkok, Hong Kong, Bali. Ahh the good life in Canada- anybody who tells you o/w… oh well to each their own. And heck Gippy Grewal you can rub shoulders with also and Amitabh and Shah Rukh Khan, Neha Dhupia,Priyanka Chopra etc.. also Steve Forbes, Stan Lee,Bill Clinton, Ratan Tata, Carlos santana,Ralph Nader, Steve Winwood, Stevie Nicks…

  4. All the points mentioned are indeed pertinent. However you missed one fundamental and probably the point which in my opinion must come first viz., Unlike USA, Canada does not recognize any degree earned in any country other than UK, Australia, USA and New Zealand! Not even a PhD from IITs while seeking a job, which as per US 60 Mins channel are even harder to get into than Harvard, Princeton and MIT combined! They will ask you to start from qualifying Grade VII English, even if you may have studied through out in English medium or even had an MA in English Literature! So ultimately it is all about making money out of immigrants only to pay for the pension of retiring baby boomers and subsidize Canadian economy!

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