September 18, 2018



  1. The writer’s explanation of the Beatles so-called disillusionment with Maharishi is a personal interpretation but is not based on facts. Contrary to gossip, Maharishi was never found to have misused funds in his non-profit organization, nor was there evidence of any other form of misbehavior. John Lennon made a mistake and later admitted it.

    Most diehard Beatles fans have figured out the true story about the Beatles’ experience in India and their involvement with meditation, and involvement that still persists for the two surviving Beatles. All it takes is a little research.

    For more you might read: “Maharishi and the Beatles: What Really Happened”

    Or the New York Times article on Maharishi: “The Man Who Saved the Beatles.”

    The Beatles did not actually get disillusioned with Maharishi. John did for a while, but that had more to do with John’s state of mind at the time than with Maharishi. John Lennon succumbed to rumors circulating in Maharishi’s ashram, fabricated by a Beatles hanger-on (“Magic Alex”) who was admittedly jealous of Maharishi, but even John changed his tune after a few years and phoned Maharishi to apologize for the disgruntled departure and unkind words. None of the other Beatles or their wives ever believed the false rumors. This is clear from their writings and public statements after the group left India, especially statements from recent years.

    George Harrison practiced Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation technique till the end, and also performed a benefit for TM in the 1990s.

    Paul and Ringo also kept meditating. Paul brought his daughter to visit Maharishi many years after India. In 2009 at Radio City Music Hall, Paul and Ringo performed a historic benefit concert to raise money to teach TM to one million school kids – along with several other meditating musicians.

  2. Hi Tam,
    I am quite aware of all the follow-up that happened post John and George’s hurried departure from the ashram. As a matter of fact, I even attended the 2009 benefit concert. I was just relating what happened at that particular point in time.
    Anyways, thanks for the follow-up. I am sure all readers would love to read about it.
    I am sure that you know there is a lot more to the story than what can fit in 750 words and in the number of words in your reply.

  3. Hi Tam,
    Please also note that whatever prompted their departure from Rishikesh – it is said that their most productive and innovative period was during their stay there (for Ringo a short period and for John and George almost two months). Also they grew a lot spiritually. Lots of positive effects from their association with the Maharishi. Still some unreleased songs from those times. And even Ringo felt creative juices flowing through him.

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