September 19, 2017



    • Very ordinary looks in some photos, in fact she looks like a pig, suarni, that’s why she’s been named pig her nik name

        • What in the hell is your problem, you dick face. You must have lost yours you know what to an actual chicken or a pig. Coz your ugly fuck face can’t get a decent lady or even a guy. Lol.

      • You are dumb u idiot. Is ur eyesight f*c***g weak or dare u call her like that…. Apologize u a*s*h*l*.

  1. Priyanka chopra the multi talented actress in whole Bollywood . No one can be like her. She is the best. I love u priyanka mam . U r the idol of my life . I m your big fan from aurangabad Bihar.

  2. Please get married fast priyanka mam . We want to see u with your partner . But choose him wisely . BCz u r a diamond and your partner should be at least gold. Come on we are waiting mam . And again I LOVE U . Payal from a. Bad bihar

  3. Love u mam. I wish that I could see u live but I can’t go to the Mumbai . But I really tell u I m your big fan. I love your all movies and song sung by u. Specially Marry Kom fantastic movie . Just loved it. Muuuuuaaaaah.

  4. I am 21 years old and people say I look like Priyanka. Of course it is a huge compliment and I’m proud of it. I really look up to her and she is sort of an idol. Good luck to her in every thing.

  5. 8720035308 please call me
    Priyanka chopra i am big big big big big fan your and iam big fan from qaNtico serial
    Please call me my no. Please please please
    I am wait for your calll.,i am 31st by sucaide mera

  6. Priyanka Chopra …wow…I love you….ua my inspiration…in the whole bollywood actress ua my first actress to whom I like the most and respect u….b the same…my wishes are alwz wid unique n beautiful…

  7. Arae Bhai, use bhi to chaahiye? Isliyae short-term boyfriends hote hain. Nahin to kahaan jaayegi? Directors aur producers to kuch-Kuch bajaa dete hain. Lekin roz kya karegi? Paanch to pata hain. Jo pata nahin wo sikandar.

  8. Some celibrity don’t know to manage their popularity but you are not one of them.You have made your way by your attitude and I wish your happy and prosperlife.

  9. When I think for priyanka I m never sleep for that night I said, I m truly crazy about her,but dreams come’s never true it’s a truth but finally I love u priyanka my darling.

  10. I don’t know priyanka but I don’t have a words for say about ur beauty u looking so beautiful if u have a time so plzz call me or msz for my mobile no. 9718025252 I m very greatful 2 u I want a talk 2 u that time I feel just like a dream come true thanks…..!

  11. Hi! Priyanka ,a girl of my dreams..
    I’m tired of waiting you, you promise not to visit Nagaland?
    watching your movies does not satisfy me, show me your real pose.
    I can bear a death but I cannot bear this love hurts .
    Please enlist My name in your fans list too.. Let me be your love in dreams..

  12. Your smile gives a pause to my heart.
    Most adorable woman.
    I wish you are goods so that I can buy it ,and keep it in my room before my eyes till the end of my life..ADDICTED TO YOUR LOVE.
    …YOUR STYLE GONNA KILL ME ….. missing you a lot!!!!!

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