March 24, 2017




  1. Hi madam.

    i have experience in gaming industry i worked as a gaming concept artist and 3d maya .
    please let me know are there any possibilities to get a jobin canada.


  2. Hi Mam,
    I am working in an MNC as a benefit administrator for US clients. Is there any scope for such jobs in canada?

  3. i am 41 years old and really want to migrate to Canada. but i am currently doing a BsCN that will require four years from now. since i am doing nursing, is there any possibilities for me to migrate to Canada? really would like the hlp!

    • Nurses need to obtain their licenses here. An option is to come here on a one year study permit and prepare for the exams. Depending on the type of institution they get paid from $25 per hour onwards.

  4. Greetings! Hello Sheetal mam..m from India n being offered a job in agricultural field( group- d). Which says permit for 2+2 be honest n frank I actually belong to hospitality sector hvng around 9 yrs of experience.. I was wondering if I cud apply for PR during my contract tenure, n try for some hotels there around, preferably settle in Canada? Since I’ll be bidding my every possession on this m bit reluctant n wish to gain some expert advice like yours in this regard before I refine my destiny..your kind suggestion is highly appreciated.. Thanks..!

  5. I am mba in finance working as senior accountant in port in oman .eants to get PR in canada.what are the chances will get a job

      • Dear Moderator, i am 38 yrs old. I have 5 yrs exp. in dubai as an Accountant. i am MBA Finance and planning to do ACCA. After that i am planning to go to canada. is it easy to get a job in canada ?

  6. Dear Resected MUM,
    I have more then 30yrs experience in gas and oil industry of govt of India and want to settle in Canada after retirement with my wife, what will be your best and easiest guidance how we get PR ? and not to consult any MIDDLEMAN AGENCIES. I am DME qualified , and working as a DEPUTY SENIOR ENGINEER OPERATIONS and still 3 years to retirement. Hope for a nicest response of you mum, I will ever great thankful to you mum.

    • The Oil and Gas will continue to require qualified personnel. Your age will disqualify you from an application under the Federal Skilled Worker category. You may then look at investor category options.

  7. Dear Madam,

    Myself Rajesh Adhavan, I am a Masters holders and was a mechanical design engineer ( raised up to deputy manager position in whirlpool of India Ltd in washing machine divisions) with 10 yrs of experience, i worked mostly for US and Indian markets, can you suggest me, whether migrating to canada is a wise choice for me. Additionally i have 7 months of HSE ( health safety and environment ) experience in oman after completing my nebosh IGC at India. Please provide your advice.

  8. Hi Ma’am,

    I am an Administration professional with 17 years of experience including 7 yrs with Indian Army and 10 years in Corporate sector in India. I have held senior positions in Administration and Corporate services function. I am an MBA. I wish to migrate to canada, can you suggest me about availability of jobs in this field in canada. I will be grateful. look forward to hearing from you. thanks.


  9. If I have crossed 45 years of age is it feasible for me to migrate to Canada? I belong to hotel industry and have over 25 year of work experience


      I am also a qualified chef and earlier migrated to Canada as a PR but returned after investing 4 youthful years of my PRIME life in
      Vancouver. Although I am a strong believer in destiny, but as a general fact, I would not recommend moving to Canada at your age. I am also 48 at the moment and have a job offer from BC, but I have laid of my decision to move again because of a comfortable life and freedom in India. Following are some Pros and Cons which will help you make a wise decision depending upon what your preferences in life are :
      PROS :
      – Beautiful Landscape
      – Peace of mind / living
      – Secured family life / no or little crime
      – No worries for medicals and schooling
      – Organized, quiet but boring

      CONS :
      – Toooo lonely
      – No time to lay back, constant hard work (Unlike India)
      – Bad weather
      – Little or no family life at your age with grown up kids
      – Mostly indoor living will depress you sooner or later
      – Work, Work, Work and little play

      As a matter of fact, I have no regrets moving back to India. I have a beautiful home, lots of family life and holidays every alternate month. A small business with no schedules and after all, that was the aim…… Mind you, I don’t make a lot of money as per Indian standards, but enjoy a relaxed life that you can never have under similar circumstances in Canada.

      take your call…….. all the best !!!

  10. Hi Mam,

    I am working in an MNC in Delhi, India… And having 3.5 years of exp. in Finance and Banking sector and have done MBA in Finance

    Please advise me whether I should settle in Canada or not

  11. Hi I m running a steel fabrication house in India I want to start the same business in Canada.
    We do manufacturing of metal item with some wood work on it.
    Some of them for decoration some of them for gardening and some of them for agriculture equipments.
    I request you to please advice me that do we have a business future in Canada.
    We are ready to invest in Canadian economy first I want to know the nature and demand of people there.
    Please help me out I m ready to pay.
    Suggest me I m looking for business permission or you can say PR for Canada.

  12. I am qualified english as second language teacher wd 3 years skilled experience and knowledge of french too of intermediate level.i am single mother wd dependant child of two years. I m 33 years old. I want to ibtain job n settle here in toronto.

  13. Hi mam,
    I am 50 year old and about to quit the Indian Navy. I am BSc, LLB, PGDM and additional MA in International Affairs from University of Leicester. With 26 years of experience in HR and operations is it possible that I can make the cut at this age

  14. I have M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from USA and 10 years job experience from USA too. I returned to home country Bangladesh since my father was very sick and I lived for 10 more years here. I have been doing Engineering consulting and involved with an UK approved education center in Bangladesh for 4 years. What is my possibility to get Immigration Visa ? One of my brothers live with family as Canadian citizen and another brother with family lives in USA as a citizen.

  15. mam i am a bvsc graduate. what are my chances of migration to canada and practicing veterinary profession there.

  16. hi mam,
    mam am b. com graduate i have experiences hotel construction field as project coordinator for the last 3 year . am 30 now
    my husband brother Canada citizen.what is my possibility get PR ?

  17. Hi Maam,
    I am 40 years old and want to migrate in canada for a job. I am graduate in and have an experience of 15 years in operations including international bpo.. with US clients. Also an experience of handling a team of 59-60 people. I want to work for atleast 7-8 years.. so that i can earn giod money
    Kindly advise.

    Rahul Sharma

  18. Dear Madam,

    I am DEV working in UAE. I have done MCA ( Master of Computer Applications) from India. But I have worked in NON IT domain for the past 10 years. Now applied to get Canada Immigration. I came to know that only IT related JOB have chances in Canada. That’s why I am planning to some computer course.
    Madam Can you please check, Is there any opportunity in Canada for (1) IT Support / Specialist / Assistance ( Computer Server, Networking , Hardware & Software : Configuration & Maintenance) (2) IT Administration ( ITIL / ICDL ) (3) IT Operation ( Data entry & coordination ) (4) Data Base Administration / Data Warehousing –Oracle (5) Query Programming ( SQL ) (6) Graphic Designing (7) Software Testing (8) Web Designing (9) Interior Designing (10) Programming : Visual Basic & Visual Foxpro (11) PEACHTREE – Accounts (12) Crystal Report.
    Thank You ……… Dev

  19. Hello mam, I am 33 years old & I want to be in canada permanently also I had an experience of 5 years of banking &also achieves many goals in sales targets as i am carrier oriented girl now I want to reside canada permanently so please kindly do me a favour for getting job in banking sector. I would be very thankful to you . Regards Sonia

  20. Hello M’am,
    My husband has a very stable job in oil and gas industry for over 18 years. We have moved and lived in many international location as expats. My husband is 47 years old and still has quite a few years of job left before taking retirement. I have two kids aged 13 and 11 yrs. We were considering of settling in Canada . As my husband has currently a well paid job , he doesn’t want to quit. But I am afraid with the age we might lose the opportunity. Is there anyway I with my kids can settle in Canada by splitting the family. Can I take the plunge providing my husband’s portfolio ? And he joins later when he thinks it is the right time for him? Will truly appreciate your reply .

  21. Iam an Indian Lawyer wishing to immigrate to Canada.Can u say about the job oppurtunitie for indian lawyers in Canada.

  22. Hi Mam,
    My Self Vinoth age 28, having BE(Electrical Electronics Engineering)degree with 5+Years of experience in EPC Field on Substation & Transmission line field.currently am working in saudi arabia.looking for job & PR in canada can u guide regarding in this.

  23. Respected Mam
    I am 34 year old residing in india and Chartered Accountant by profession. I am also doing CPA now. I wish to apply for PR for CANADA. Please guide me regarding scope for me in CANADA

  24. Hello ,

    I am 36 years old. I would like to emigrate in Toronto in a next few years. I am Manufacturing Engineer in automotive industry in England now, but I can work also in aerospace or different engineering industry if I come in Canada . How difficult is to find jobs in engineering? Is the job market still active. Is difficult to find job in the industry if i am not in PEng accredited. Is too late to come in there at almost 40 years and wife 35 plus a small child?

    Thank you

  25. Mam i live in India and running my business & my net worth is 4 Cr+ …. i m planning to settle in Canada but bit confuse…. is there any scope of migrating there and … should i do any business there with this capital…. do reply

  26. Ma’m I have done Bcom and I m thinking to migrate to Canada. which kind of job I will be able to get along with further studies i.e along with MBA?

  27. Dear Sheetal Jhuti,

    I am an IT professional(Software developer) in an IT company in India, having about 4 years of experience in software development.
    I saw mixed reviews regarding migration to Canada for IT professionals.
    Can you please guide me regarding the scope of job in IT industry in Canada.

    Akhil S

  28. Dear Madam,
    I am a Chartered accountant from India. Has close to 7 years experience. I am 32 years old. Is it a good option to migrate now to Canada with my family. If yes has fast can i apply for PR. My Mothers brother is a green card holder in Canada. Can he sponsor me.


  29. Hello there, FIlipino here female 33 yrs old with 10 years experience in Dubai as an Executive Assistant to the CEO with Marketing background and also does freelance photography – is there any chance I can land a job in Canada in any of the type of jobs I have mentioned or anything similar?

    Thanks for your kind assistance.



  31. this is my sad story……my age is 22..i have done my graduation in Computer and have one year diploma in computer as well….i had a plan to study in canada for masters…but i m not eligable due to low marks in graduation…please guide me some way which is affordable for a poor family like me to land in canada….i m ready to do any work in canada…cab driving…waiter any kind of job…but i want to go to canada….as i m ambitious and i have lots of goals……..please do reply me mam…God bless….

  32. Hey Sheetal,

    I am working in an online company and have decent experience in online business currently i am working as Assistant Manager in apparel – Fashion sector. Do suggest that should i plan to move to Canada as i am 24 years old.


  33. Hi Sheetal,
    My husband, 4 year old son and me are looking for an option to move to Canada. I am a german national so is my son and my husband is Filipino. We are livinng since 12 years in Dubai. My husband (37) is a Civil Engineer and currently working as Project/Site Engineer. Myself (39), I am working in Financial Crime Investigation as Analyst in a british bank for over 9 years. So aside from Germany we would consider moving to Canada. Do you think we have a good chance in mking our living there, jobwise, etc. and which place in Canada is best with our professional background. Isnt it quicker when i apply since I am a german national?
    Happy to here from you.

  34. Dear Sheetal M,am
    i am An India , 34years old .working in Saudi arabia for last 5 year As an Architect total ( 9 years experience ) .My wife Age 32. she is ph.D in environmental Science ( not working ) 2 kids age 3 & 5 . we are thinking of moving to Canada . how is the scope for us .

  35. I am 46 years old and my husband is 47. Our daughter is 13. We wish to settle in Canada for our daughter future. I can still do a year study programme . Please advise me further.

  36. Hello ma’am
    I am software engineer and working in php language ..i hve plan to migrate to canada sinp..could you please guide what should i do further for job prospects..

  37. Hi Sheetal,
    I am Global HR Practitioner with 15 yrs experience in India and 1.6 yrs in Africa. I am a management professional and currently pursuing CIPD Level 7 HR Certification from UK. I also possess intermediate level proficiency in speaking and writing French while proficient in English.
    I would appreciate if you could let me know:
    – Does this country offer HR opportunity to immigrants?
    – Do they consider education attained in India?
    – What is the criteria for applying for PR?
    – How much time and cost does PR status take?

    Thanks in advance.

  38. Hi Sheetal,

    I am working for Accenture as Informatica developer from past two years in India. My age is 24. I am looking to move to Canada. Can you please suggest whether it is a good option? and do we have better software related jobs?

    Awaiting for your reply!


  39. hi maam,

    i am looking to moving to Canada, qualified samatologist and currently studying Project Management . will it be a good option for me

  40. Hi.. I have almost 6 yrs experience in technical support.. I work for US and Canada process in Dell international Hyd.. Is it a good option for me to move to Canada..

  41. Hi,
    I am a control system engineer working in saudi arabia for 4 years,i wish to immigrate to canada ,whats is my scope in this field ?

  42. I am young Ethiopian, I live in Italy. Canada is my dream country. I am a student here in Italy but Everyday my soul wish living in Canada. Please help me by suggesting any information.

  43. Hello Mam,

    I am Palak I have only done my 12th and I want to shift to Canada permanently. Only for work purpose. Is there any option to come to Canada without giving any exam.
    I am short of pocket so how can I apply to come to Canada in a short period of time.
    Please reply waiting

  44. Hi Mam….

    i am a transport Supervisor in Dubai and also maintains accounts of Construction Firm. My experience is about 2 year. My age is 26. Is Canada good for new Immigrants. I can speak English and French.

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