July 24, 2017




  1. Very impressive Vaisakhi celebration in LA! We appreciate efforts of all gurdwaras and other Sikh organizations to join hands in this celebration. May be that Sikh congregations in other large cities also begin to celebrate this even together. It will be very inspiring if it happens.

  2. Please don’t use the spelling Baisakhi – it means Crutches in Punjabi. Media/report writers should be aware of such sensitivities.Correct spelling start with “V” – Vaisakhi rather than “B”. The Guru Granth Sahib – Sikhs Living Guru, does endorses the use of word Vaisakh for this month – thus Vaisakhi.

  3. It is indeed very impressive celebration of Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s SINGHS. I hope that Singhs in the UK will also be celebrating Vaisakhi in the same way in cities of the UK.
    Dr Amarjit Singh, UK

  4. I am really impressed to see large members of society together for Founder Day Celebrations of Sikhs by 10th Guru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji & hope to see such celebration around the Globe

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