Martin Singh Brampton North

White Sikh Martin Singh is NDP candidate from Indian-dominated Brampton North for Canadian parliament elections

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TORONTO: Martin Singh will be the candidate of the New Democratic Party (NDP) from Brampton North in the 2015 parliamentary elections.

A native of Nova Scotia, Martin Singh converted to Sikhism many years ago. He is married to a Punjabi woman from Amritsar and the couple have three children.

Brampton is home one of the largest concentration of the Sikh-Punjabi community in Canada. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the country thanks...

I am eager to start a new life with Modi, says Indian prime minister’s wife Jashodaben

modi and his wife Jashoda

MUMBAI: Despite not having been with him for 43 years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wife is sure that...

Haidar wows Columbia University as Salman Rushdie raves about Tabu

Tabu in Haider

From Subhash K Jha

On Wednesday night New York’s prestigious Columbia University played host...


  • एक आदमी कॉकरोच को मार रहा था।

    मरने से पहले कॉकरोच ने आदमी से आखिरी बार बोला: ‘मार दे मुझे..!
डरपोक कहीं के.!
तू मुझसे इसलिए चिढ़ता है… क्योंकि तेरी बीवी मुझसे डरती है
और ...

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Balle Balle times for Indo-Canadians as two elected mayors and many as councillors in British Columbia

colin basran kelowna

By Balwant Sanghera

VANCOUVER: The Nov 15 municipal elections in Canada’s British Columbia...

Asa Johal – the multimillionaire businessman who has blazed the trail for Indo-Canadians

By Balwant Sanghera

VANCOUVER: Hardly any Indo-Canadian has a journey as fascinating as multimillionaire businessman and philanthropist Asa Singh Johal, 92, who..

I wear a poppy for Mahatma Gandhi and the fallen soldiers around the globe

By Lachman Balani

BRAMPTON: Today, my daughter gifted me a piece of the Berlin Wall to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its..

Toronto kicks off The Who’s 50th anniversary tour

The Who band

By Lachman Balani

TORONTO: ‘Out here in the fields, I fight for my meals, I get my back...

Indian English writing making a place for itself on global stage, says author-diplomat Navtej Sarna

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TORONTO: Senior Indian diplomat and author Navtej Sarna, who represented the Jaipur Literary Festival at the just concluded first..

Wow performance of masterpiece musical Les Misérables at Rose Theatre Brampton

By Lachman Balani

BRAMPTON: Awesome! Brilliant! Stunning! This is how the adaption of the musical Les Miserables struck me and, judging by the..

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