Kareena Kapoor’s top 10 films as she turns 34

By Subhash K Jha

MUMBAI: As she turns 34 on September 21, here are Kareena Kapoor’s top 10 films:

1:Refugee (2000): No film that followed ever captured Kareena’s radiant beauty and ethereal persona as ably as this. Director J P Dutta had made a promise to his friend Randhir Kapoor that he would give the latter’s daughter the kind of launch which audiences would remember for all times.JP kept his promise. From her first glimpse on screen when Abhishek Bachchan sees her ...

Manissha Lamba among 12 contestants as Salman Khan kicks off Bigg Boss 8

Salman Khan to pilot Bigg Boss 8

MUMBAI: Salman Khan kick-started reality show Bigg Boss 8 on Sunday. Amidst performances on almost all songs of...

Kaun Banega Crorepati: Delhi’s Narula brothers win Rs 7 crore

KBC winners Narula brothers

MUMBAI: The popular quiz show, Kaun Banega Crorepati gets its first ever 7 crore winner in two Delhi...


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Sikhs of India Cultural Centre of Canada host annual lunch for Richmond mayor, councillors

Richmond mayor and councillors at gurdwara of India Cultural Centre of Canada

By Balwant Sanghera

VANCOUVER: Every year, the India Cultural Centre of Canada’s Gurdwara...

Vasu Chanchlani, best-known Indo-Canadian philanthropist and entrepreneur, passes away

News East West

TORONTO: Well-known Indo-Canadian IT entrepreneur Vasu Chanchlani, who did more for philanthropy than any other person of Indian origin..

Toronto media is creating a myth that home buyers are overpaying

By Lachman Balani

TORONTO: There is a lot of media attention on the fact that homes in Toronto get multiple offers and..

Indian consul general Akhilesh Mishra meets seniors of Indian origin in Toronto

Indian consul general Akhilesh Mishra with seniors of Indian origin in Toronto1

TORONTO: Indian Consul General Akhilesh Mishra met presidents of major senior citizens’ clubs serving...

Cabaret: A Scintillating Musical at The Shaw Festival

By Prof. Sehdev Kumar TORONTO: Cabaret is one of the most scintillating musicals in the history of American theatre. Set in..

Indo-Canadian Amrita Kumar-Ratta, her team head for Geneva women empowerment project

TORONTO: Amrita Kumar-Ratta, currently Project Lead for Regional Diversity Roundtable in Peel, is headed for Geneva, Switzerland, as part of the..

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