Dynasties are a threat to Indian democracy, says Prof Ramesh Thakur

Ramesh, Aditya

By Ajit Jain

TORONTO: The most striking feature about India’s elections currently taking place is their sheer scale, with 814 million voters exercising their...

Will Aditya Chopra be ever seen holding Rani’s hand in public?

Rani Mukerji and Aditya

News East West

MUMBAI: Will the very private Aditya Chopra, 42, who tied the knot with Bengali bombshell Rani Mukerji on Monday, be seen in public now?


After Rani-Aditya wedding, Nargis Fakhri is set to marry Uday Chopra

Nargis Fakhri with Uday Chopra

By Subhash K Jha

MUMBAI: It’s ironical that Rani Mukerji, now Rani Chopra (or is it the more politically correct Mukerji-Chopra?) opted for secret shaadi...

    Dipika  Damarela

    Hindus in Ontario to get designated places to scatter ashes of their loved ones

    By Ajit Jain

    TORONTO: Dipika Damerla, Liberal Member of Provincial Parliament (Mississauga East-Cooksville), is working with the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services to build a website that will give addresses of all the provincial parks where people can scatter remains of their loved ones after cremation.

    “View of the people from the environmental side is that people should put in the body of water just the ashes. But sometimes people are also putting coconuts which’s...

    Rani Mukerji’s secret deal with her husband


    MUMBAI: Newly Rani Mukerji’s upcoming film is one big mystery. All we know right now is that it is being produced...

    Mastram posters on Mumbai buses found objectionable

    Mastram bus poster

    MUMBAI: A day after Shiv Sena objected to the posters of Mastram (the film on Indian porn guru) being...


    • Ladki: Mujhe koi aisi sabzi do jiske 7 faayde hon !

      Sabzi wala: Ye Lo madam Gajar !!

      1: Pasand aaye to Aloo Matar ke saath paka lena… 
Warna ..

      2: Juice bana ...

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    Dr. Dhun Noria to get Lifetime Achievement Award from Scarborough Hospital

    dr dhun noria

    By Ajit Jain

    TORONTO: Dr. Dhun Noria, a pathologist at the Scarborough General Hospital, is...

    Indo-Canadian driver, his alleged lover to be tried jointly for his wife’s murder

    News East West

    TORONTO: Indo-Canadian driver Bhupinderpal Gill and his alleged lover Gurpreet Kaur Ronald will be tried jointly on charges of..

    Sikh visitors allowed kirpans inside Canadian missions

    News East West

    TORONTO: Sikhs visiting Canadian missions will be permitted to retain their kirpans provided these are secured within a sheath,..

    Why Indians need to join Ride for Heart in Toronto on June 1

    Ride For Heart

    By Ajit Jain

    TORONTO: A large number of Indo-Canadians are expected to join over 14,000 cyclists...

    Canada India Foundation honours Narayana Murthy with CIF Chanchlani Global Award this week

    By Ajit Jain

    Toronto, April 19/14 – N.R. Narayana Murthy, is being given the CIF Chanchlani Global Indian Award at their..

    Punjab couple wins $18 million lottery in Canada

    News East West

    TORONTO: A young Indo-Canadian couple living in Brampton near here have hit the jackpot by winning nearly $18.8 million...

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