Gutthi returns to Comedy Nights

Being back on Comedy Nights is like homecoming, says Gutthi

By Subhash K Jha

MUMBAI: Sunil Grover  chats up with Subhash K Jha on his return to Comedy Nights With Kapil

You are back on Comedy Nights With Kapil?
Yes, we recorded my re-entry, if we can call it that, on Wednesday night. I had eaten the auspicious dahi-chini (curd and sugar) before leaving for the shooting.It was like coming home. But of course I was nervous.

How did the audience react ?
The audience broke into spontaneous applause. I felt very very...

After selfies, celebrity divas are now crazy about belfies

selfie to belfie

NEW YORK: Baby got back!

And can post lots of photos of it on Instagram!

Last year saw the summer...

Kareena strikes a pouty pose in selfie with Honey Singh

Kareena with Honey Singh

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Premier Kathleen Wynne, VIPs to join India Day parade at Mel Lastman Square on Aug 2

Premier Kathleen Wynne

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TORONTO: Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, Indian high commissioner Nirmal Verma...

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Sikh, Hindu shrines on Highway to Heaven join Canada Day parade

By Balwant Sanghera

VANCOUVER: For the first time in British Columbia, more than 20 places of worship which lie on Number Five..

Raksha Bandhan should be declared as Sister-Brother Day, says Indo-Canadian campaigner Daniel Masih

raksha bandhan

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Surrey Sikh leader charged with attempted murder of his wife assaulted in jail

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