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It is John Abraham Versus Akshay Kumar this Gandhi Jayanti

By Subhash K Jha

MUMBAI: October 2 Gandhi Jayanti this year promises to be quite a sanguinary affair. Two biggies , neither too Gandhian in spirit, are lined up for release over the long weekend on October 2.

Nishikant Kamat’s Rocky Handsome is a comeback vehicle for John Abraham who has been missing from the screen for nearly two years.
Rocky Handsome is an action comedy adventure packed with the kind of dare-devilish stunts never seen before in our films.


Gay film Unfreedom banned in India because its nudity and love scenes ignite `unnatural passion’

A still from Unfreedom

MUMBAI: Days after India voted against gay rights for the United Nation employees, a film called Unfreedom which...

Review of Barkhaa: The Tawaif Goes To The Beer Bar


By Subhash K Jha

Film: Barkhaa
Starring Sara Loren, Taha Shah, Puneet Issar, Priyanshu...


  • Santa Singh goes to New York and visits a bar.

    The man on Santa’s right orders a drink, ‘Johnnie Walker, single.’

    The man on Santa’s left says, ‘Jack Daniels, single.’

    Santa orders, ‘Santa ...

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Led Zeppelin envelopes The Brampton Rose Theatre

Nick Walsh as Robert Plant.

By Lachman Balani

BRAMPTON: On March 26, Classic Albums Live (CAL) performed Led Zeppelin...

How desi Indo-Canadians do not know even the months of desi Hindu calendar

By Lachman Balani

TORONTO: Happy Cheti Chand and a prosperous New year! Since it is the start of the Hindu calendar, I thought..

WIN Canada to honour poem and poetry from Kerala to California to Canada on March 27

By Ashok Bhargava

VANCOUVER: Writers International Network Canada is celebrating its 4th Annual Literary Festival and Dr. Asha Bhargava Memorial Awards Gala..

Hindu priest Karam Vir who sexually exploited two girls deported from Canada


News East West

VANCOUVER: A priest from India serving in a Hindu temple at Abbotsford who...

How Indo-Canadian parents are failing their youth

By Balwant Sanghera

VANCOUVER: The issue of youth violence, drugs and gangs is always very troublesome for every community. Unfortunately, the South..

Mississauga Mayor, corporate honchos and business leaders join WINGS Celebrating Women 2015

By Joyeeta Dutta Ray

MISSISSAUGA: They were business magnates, corporate executives, government officials, real estate brokers, financial advisers, lawyers, leaders and creative..

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